Opening Hours

At South West Solid Surfaces, we proudly offer our valued clients an exclusive design consultancy experience in our showroom. Guided by our qualified Interior Designer, this tailored service is reserved solely for our SWSS clientele.


Our showroom hours serve as a general guideline. To ensure a dedicated consultation and avoid any inconvenience, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our designer or salesperson, as they are frequently engaged in meetings or client consultations.

Connect with us and reserve your consultation

Whether you’re ready to book, have inquiries, or need a detailed quote, we’re here to help. Contact us at: 

Request a Quote

To obtain a new quote, please provide a sketch, plan, or detailed specifications. You can submit your request directly to our sales team via the email above.

Private Design Consultancy

We offer private design consultancy services. For more information and fee structure, please reach out to us.

Use Our Template

To streamline your inquiry or quote request, please click on this link to use the template. 

Please allow 4-5 working days for a response. We appreciate your patience.

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